Cam-Do + GoPro Hero 2 Outdoor Timelapse

I was inspired by the movie Chasing Ice to pursue a passion for outdoor time lapses.  In this instance, I needed something safe, long term (~1 yr), and able to take very cold conditions.  While I love the Canon CHDK setup, there are few outdoor options for consumer purposes.

The GoPro can be used with the well-designed Cam-Do outdoor mount, scheduler, and Voltaic batteries for an outdoor timelapse of long duration in near 0F weather.  It is unknown how long the battery life is for a standard lithium GoPro battery in the below-freezing temperatures.  A silica packet can be included if humidity is an issue, and a packing of towels or insulation should be placed around the camera, scheduler and battery.IMG_20131231_144542_903 IMG_20140102_145505_456

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