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Daniel Sullivan - Resume (PDF)

Below are a listing of my collective works.  Please feel free to use, borrow, copy, or whatever you so choose – as long as you cite properly!  If I have missed any citations, please let me know!

Curriculum Vitaee

Civil Engineering

  1. Sullivan, Daniel.  An Economic Analysis of Bicycling in Boston, Massachusetts.  October 2012
  2. Sullivan, Daniel.  Policy Brief – Bicycling in Boston. December 2012
  3. Daniel Sullivan, Jarren Harvey, Zachary Halstead, Kevin Byrne, Kush Patel. Ecoversity Design – Northeastern University Campus Re-Design Project. Enigneering Report, Boston: Ecoversity Design, 2011.
  4. Jarren Harvey, Zachary Halstead, Kevin Byrne, Kush Patel, Daniel Sullivan. “Presentation – Ecoversity Design – Northeastern University Campus Redesign.” Environmental Engineering Capstone. Boston: Ecoversity Design, 2011. 74 Slides.
  5. Daniel Sullivan. “The Analysis of the Discourse Community of Civil Engineering Magazine.” Civil Engineering, June 2009: 2 Pages.
  6. Daniel Sullivan, Chris Barden, John Hickey. “Pond Design – Hydrologic Engineering.” Hydrologic Engineering Analysis, Boston, 2010.
  7. Daniel Sullivan, Joseph Fluery. “Permeable Paving – Environmental Engineering Benefits.” Environmental Engineering Analysis, Boston, 2011.
  8. Daniel Sullivan. “Civil Engineering Rhetoric.” Civil Engineering, June 2009: 1 Page.
  9. Daniel Sullivan. “The Importance of Critical Infrastructure.” Civil Engineering, June 2009: 7 Pages.
  10. Sullivan, Daniel. “The Woburn TCE Contamination .” Environmental Engineering Analysis, Boston, 2010.

Engineers Without Borders

  1. Daniel Sullivan, Keith Nelson, Charlotte Alger, Megan Fritz, Alexandra Unger. EWB-NEU Honduras Pre- Assessment Report, December 2010 (512). Pre-Assessment Report, Boston: EWB-NEU, 2010.
  2. Sullivan, Daniel. A Guide to: The Uganda National Water Development Plan. Reference and Summary, Boston: Uganda National Water Development, 2009.
  3. Sullivan, Daniel. EWB-NEU El Carrizalito Summary (512). Fundraising Materials, Boston: EWB-NEU, 2010.
  4. Daniel Sullivan, Ann Polaneczky. EWB-NEU Grant Report for EWB-USA. Grant, Boston: EWB-NEU 6/21/2010.  
  5. Sullivan, Daniel. Institutional Review Board Application. Review Board Application, Boston: EWB-NEU, 2010.


  1. Daniel Sullivan, Roxanne Meuse. “Northeast Region Workshop.” Distributions, October 2009: Page 1.
  2. Daniel Sullivan. “Design Team.” Distributions, April 2010: Pages 1-2.
  3. Daniel Sullivan. “When in Honduras…”. Distributions, August 2010: Page 1.
  4. Daniel Sullivan. “Honduras.” Distributions, August 2010: Page 3.
  5. Sullivan, Daniel. NEU Chi Epsilon Constitution and Bylaws. Constitution and Bylaws, Boston: NEU – Chi Epsilon, 2011.

Politics and International Relations

  1. Sullivan, Daniel. “Afghanistan’s View of the War .” International Relations, 2010: 9 Pages.
  2. Sullivan, Daniel. “The Afghan Daily – News Report #1.” International Relations, 2010: 2 Pages.
  3. Sullivan, Daniel. “Iran’s Nuclear Program – News Report #2.” International Relations, 2010: 3 Pages.
  4. Sullivan, Daniel. “Iran’s Nuclear Pogram – News Report #3.” International Relations, 2010: 3 Pages.
  5. Sullivan, Daniel. “John Shadegg – Congressman Profile (R. – AZ).” Personal Profile, Boston, 2009.


  1. Sullivan, Daniel.  Juvenile Crime in Roxbury, MA – Research Paper. November 2012
  2. Sullivan, Daniel. Policy Brief – InnerCity Weightlifting.  December 2012


  1. Daniel Sullivan. “The Panopticon – Social Experiment.” October 28, 2007: 2 Pages.
  2. Daniel Sullivan. “Collection of Professional Works.” Boston, August 2009.


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